Andorra’s Three Finalists

ATV news have announced the three contestants that have been selected to compete for Andorra’s Eurovision Song Contest 2009 entry.
Andorra’s national final will be held in the Apolo Andorra Hall in Andorra la Vella in January and hosted by Meri Picart, familiar to the Eurovision public because she was Andorran commentator in 2004 when she also hosted the national selection.

The three songs that Andorra will choose from are:

* Susanna Georgi – Get a life (to be translated in Catalan)
Susanna (left in the picture) is Danish and she was Denmark’s spokesperson in Eurovision 2008. She is one of the sisters that comprised the duo Me & My.
* Marc Durandeau & Marc Canturri – Estrelles d’or (Gold stars)
Marc Durandeau (right in the picture) is a popular singer in Andorra, and Marc Canturri is famous both as singer and composer. Their song is about peace and union of Europe.
* Lluís Cartes – Exhaust
Lluís won the Sona9 contest as singer-songwriter and the Carles Sabater award to the best song in Catalan in 2005.

One thought on “Andorra’s Three Finalists

  1. The encroachment of English, in the Eurovision Song Contest increases year by year.

    May I say, as a native English speaker that this unfair.

    The time has come to break this habit of “language imperialism”, in the Eurovision Song Contest, and use a song, sung in Esperanto instead!

    This is a serious suggestion, as you can see from the Esperanto music which is already available at or at

    There’s even cheesy Esperanto music available! See

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