The Best Looking Eurovision 2009 Female Singer?

51 thoughts on “The Best Looking Eurovision 2009 Female Singer?

  1. hadise and aysel are the best. 10 may is mothers day and my birthday. i love u mum. ana gibi yar bağdat gibi diyar olmaz.

  2. Hadise is the best , her eyes , her nose , her ears all of them is beautiful and the other “people” are hmm not as beatiful as hadise !!!!!!!!

  3. Well… I wouldn’t really claim the site you linked is an official Eurovision news site… And I am also not happy with them stealing my images!
    I wonder what’s in these newspapers though!

  4. On the sweeter side… Svetlana Loboda has a new video where she completely nude, covered in chocolate, descends into a plate with exotic fruits from five meters height. Here is a picture:

    Svetlana seems to be a big fan of fruit

  5. I vote for the anti-crisis girl Svetlana and against Nazi girl Anastasia.
    I was shocked when I heard that Anastasia Prihodko is annoyed by “niggers, chinamen” and calls Svetlana Loboda a vulgar wench. It’s in the news.
    Isn’t she vulgar herself saying so?


  6. Well.. poor Inga Arshakyan! I hardly found anything to make the image of her lol
    She doesn’t seem ugly though… Here on the left


    And Moldova.. more or less the same situation with Nelly because most of her pictures are more like paintings than photographs but I think I did manage to find best photos of her lol
    Nelly Ciobanu:

    As for Patricia.. I guess I did her a favor cause I choose pictures from her younger days (she is 42 now and definitely doesn’t look like that anymore

  7. In my opinion the most beautiful women are Patricia Kaas from France and the girl from Iceland. I also like the ones from Spain and Estonia.
    The ugliest are the girls from Armenia & Moldova. At least at those pictures.

  8. I think that Azerbaijan girl “Aysel teymurzade” is the prittiest……….She is really beautiful….

  9. Pixy, from the point of view of history Ukrainians are a part of Russian ethnos, Kiev is mother of Russian cities.

  10. Russian imperialist, you mean by that Anastasia Prikhodko? Her father is Russian, mother Ukrainian and grandgrandfather of Japanese origin – so you can call her a Russian :]

  11. To the person who linked here asking whether it’s objectification or fun… I guess fun but anything is possible (including the ‘possibility’ that some of them would’ve been better of at a Miss contest anyway) lol
    I can tell you one thing though.. the Eurovision men will get the same treatment very soon! Stay tuned! 😀
    As for the girls who are 16.. it’s not my fault the two didn’t go to JESC instead 😆 And, besides, I don’t think there’s an age limit on beauty contests .. is there? At least not the lower limit…There is however upper age limit which raises some questions, first of all about Patricia Kaas but ok… lol

  12. Last year some people complained that I missed some singers but I hope that is not the case this year.. They should all be in the poll.. 🙂

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