Dima to represent Russia at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

DimaRussia is sending Dima Bilan to Eurovision, for the second time. The first time, he competed in 2006 when he won the 2nd place with a song Never let you go.

Twenty seven songs were presented at the Russian national final, held on 8th March:

1. Dima Bilan – Believe
2. Alexandr Panaiotov- Crescent And Cross
3. Zhenya Otradnaya – Porque Amor
4. Sergey Lazarev – Flyer
5. Alexey Vorobyov – “New Russian Kalinka”
6. Yuliya Mihalchik – “Cold Fingers”
7. Anna Mushak and project “William” – “The Needle”
8. Zhenya Rasskazova – “Otpuskayu tebya” (Setting you free)
9. “Prime-Minister” band – “My parallelnie miry”
10. Tamila Bloggy (Grischenko) – “Sny” (Dreams)
11. A-Sortie band- “Colours Of My Love”
12. Olga Varvus – “King of Seduction”
13. Natalia Astafieva – “Tri luny” (Three moons)
14. Elena Gorskaya (Gorbushina) – “Always All Alone”
15. Max Lorens & Satsura – “Day nam dozhd” (Give us rain)
16. points Polina Smolova – “Na rasstoyanii dyhanya”
17. Anatoliy Alyoshin – “One More Try”
18. “Granat” band- “Another Side of Midnight”
19. Sabrina (Gadzhikaibova) – “Wreck”
20. Pier Narciss & Jam Sheriff – “Who I Am Without Your Love”
21. Asia (Aza Bataeva) – “It’s No Dream”
22. Natalia Terehova – “So You Can Tell Me”
23. “BK!” band – “Don’t Break My Heart”
24. band “Aero” (lead singer Andrey Makarenko) – “Siberia”
25. Roman Bezhin – “I’m Missing”
26. Nora Adam – “Gotta Let It Go”
27. Asylyar (Alsou Zainutdinova) – “Qarligaclar” (Swallows)

Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) won the contest, with 2 points difference to Alexandr, with a song entitled Believe, produced by Timbaland.

Click here to see the lyrics and video for Dima – Believe

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