EU investigates Marija Serifovic’ title as European Ambassador for Culture

Blic 25. 01. 2008. – EU ispituje političke izjave Marije Šerifović

Marija promoting SRS

In December last year EU appointed Marija Serifovic, ESC 2007 winner, ‘ambassador for intercultural dialog but they are now investigating whether she deserves the title due to her political involvement.
Spokesman of European Commission said in Brussels yesterday that her political support to SRS presidential candidate Tomislav Nikolic does not in no way reflect EU political stance and that she was giving political statements which were contrary to EU goals when inter-cultural dialog is concerned.
‘In that case we would reconsider her further activities as the EU ambassador’, EC official said.

John Macdonald also stated that any of the ambassadors are free to have political convictions whatever they might be but that “There is a problem if the activities of any of the ambassadors turn out to be incompatible with the stated aims of the European Year for Intercultural Dialogue, which is basically about promoting mutual understanding and a sense of belonging to the European Union.

Both Tomislav Nikolic and his opponent, current president of Serbia, Boris Tadic stood in her defense.
Tadic gracefully pointed out that it is not questionable whether she deserves the title because she represented Serbia in the most successful way at the most important European contest, where she won.
They said from the presidential cabinet that “The fact that Marija has different political opinion does not in any way diminish her great success nor potential to represent her country”.

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When considered that she expressed public support to a nationalist candidate of the Serbian Radical Party indifferent to European Union, once again confirmed by his recent statement to French Le Monde that “cutting ties with the EU would not be such a big loss for Belgrade anyway, as all we lose are European funds.”, it is understandable why the commission is reviewing her further activities as an ambassador for the European year.

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