Eurovision 2010 Semifinals

Five countries; the Big 4 and last year winner Norway are automatically qualified for this year’s Eurovision Song Contest final.
Other 34 participants will first compete in the semifinals.

The countries have been divided between the first and second semi final on 14th February 2010 when it was also decided which entries will be presented in first and which in the second half of the semis. The draw for the running order took place today, on 23rd March 2010.

The countries which will compete in the first semi-final, on 25th May, will present their entries in the following order:

1. Moldova 10. Belgium
2. Russia 11. Malta
3. Estonia 12. Albania
4. Slovakia 13. Greece
5. Finland 14. Portugal
6. Latvia 15. Macedonia
7. Serbia 16. Belarus
8. Bosnia & Herzegovina 17. Iceland
9. Poland

Apart from the participating countries, the following Big 4 countries will vote in the first semi final, on 25th May:

  • Germany
  • Spain

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The countries which will compete in the second semi-final, on 27th May, will perform in the following order:

1. Lithuania 10. Romania
2. Armenia 11. Slovenia
3. Israel 12. Ireland
4. Denmark 13. Bulgaria
5. Switzerland 14. Cyprus
6. Sweden 15. Croatia
7. Azerbaijan 16. Georgia
8. Ukraine
17. Turkey
9. Netherlands

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The following Big 4 countries, along with the 17 participants and the last year winner, Norway will vote in the second semi final, on 27th May:

  • United Kingdom
  • France

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