Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Tickets

Internet sales of Eurovision Song Contest tickets began on 31st January 2008.

Tickets will be sold in three stages and will start with sales of packages.

Package A: All 12 events (all twelve events, including dress rehearsals and live shows)

Package B1:

      8 events (First semi-final, Final and some dress rehearsals)

Package B2:

      8 events (Second semi-final, Final and some dress rehearsals)

Fan package:

    A fan package, similar to Package A, is being sold to fan club organizations



OGAE Network will be in charge of distributing 900 ticket packages to its members. The price of the package is set to RSD 27400 (EUR 1 = app RSD 80, currently RSD82.4; so the package price in EUR is approximately EUR 340). It includes tickets for:

semifinal 1
semifinal 2
3 final dress rehersals
3 semifinal 1 dress rehersals
3 semifinal 2 dress rehersals

Source: Evropesma OGAE Srbija

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