Jeronimas Milius to represent Lithuania at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

Jeronimas Milius won Lithuanian televoting for 2008 Eurovision Song at Eurovizija 2008, the Lithuanian national final, held last night (02 February 2008) with a little over 400 votes difference

1. Jeronimas Milius -Nomads in the night
2. Aistė Pilvelytė – Troy on fire
3. Sasha Son – Miss kiss
4. Raimonda – Birdie’s tweet
5. Mini Me – Yes
6. Augustė- Do somethin’
7. Funny Beat – EverTown
8. Laiptai – Aš rasiu
9. Ingrida Žiliūtė -You & I
10. Pokeris- Stone 633
11. Nerri -Step into this world 610
12. Julija (4Fun) & Girma -To my soul
13. Justas – Muziką garsiau!
14. Vilma Voroblevaitė -Vakaras

Looking like a character from The Pirates of the Caribbean, he won the public with his rock ballad, a song about two nomads in the night, a man and the moon.

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Click here to see full lyrics and video for Jeronimas Milius – Nomads in The Night

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