Semi-final 2 Results!

“Mother of Eurovision”, Lys Assia, announced the start of voting… She said Bulgaria instead of Belgrade but she is 82 so, we can’t criticize her!
She won the first Eurovision in 1956 for Switzerland with song Refrain
It’s quite interesting that Bane choose Ani Lorak, of all contestants, to give her an apple!
They brought the envelops in a basket with apples and started announcing:

ESC 2008 Semi-final 2Ukraine
And first good news – Turkey but… then a long long break! Many contestants that probably deserved to qualify still hadn’t been listed…
They ask the audience who they think is in the last envelope… And the audience very clearly agrees with me – Portugal! Portugal!

34 thoughts on “Semi-final 2 Results!

  1. I think there were much better songs than Romanian and Turkish. I prefer these once: Ukraine,Grece,Iceland,Bulgaria,Armenia.I wish them good luck!!!

  2. Yea Sweden put out Macedonia :/ The Macedonian song was lot better than some that did reach the final….and Hungary at last place? wtf?
    Switzerland was also better than many that reached the final.
    Well the final was good until the voting….

  3. The Joker for the 2nd semi final was…Sweden!!!

    156 Greece
    139 Armenia
    135 Russia
    106 Norway
    104 Israel
    096 Azerbaijan
    094 Romania
    079 Finland
    072 Bosnia-Herzegovina
    042 Poland
    036 Slovenia
    036 Moldova
    027 Netherlands
    023 Montenegro
    022 Ireland
    016 Belgium
    008 Estonia
    005 San Marino

    152 Ukraine
    120 Portugal
    112 Denmark
    112 Croatia
    107 Georgia
    086 Latvia
    085 Turkey
    068 Iceland
    067 Albania
    064 FYR Macedonia
    056 Bulgaria
    054 Sweden*
    047 Switzerland
    038 Malta
    036 Cyprus
    030 Lithuania
    027 Belarus
    009 Czech Republic
    006 Hungary

    *Indicated the jury’s choice.

    How can countries vote in portugal for 2nd place and then put him in 13th? This is a scandal. Behind musics like Latvia, seems like europe has not got culture.

    I think Portugal should quit the contest or start sending joke songs like Ireland and Spain, no one seems to appreciate a quality song so why try hard when u can send a piece of s**t for people vote?

    I start to think countries with few neighbours like Portugal will never win independently of the song.

    Even Serbia was much better than Armenia n Greece.

    The voting in the semifinals was fair i think, but in the final was a joke.

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