Teräsbetoni to represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

TeräsbetoniFinish final for the Eurosong 2008 was held tonight (1st March) at Kulttuuritalo in Helsinki

Six songs chosen in three semi-finals competed during second chance round

1. Jippu – Kanna minut
2. Ninja – Battlefield of love
3. Hanna Marsh – Broken flower
4. Crumbland – Pleasure
5. Jenna – Sinua varten
6. Vuokko Hovatta – Virginia

In the final, Crumbland and Vuokko Hovatta joined the following songs that won the national semi-finals:

1. Kari Tapio – Valaise yo
2. Movetron – Cupido
3. Mikael Kontinen – Milloin
4. Kristian Meurman – Jos en sua saa
5. Cristal Snow – Can’t save me
6. Terasbetoni – Missa miehet ratsastaa

The final televoting has decided that heavy metal band Teräsbetoni with their song Missä miehet ratsastaa will represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Belgrade in May 2008.

Is Finland hoping to repeat Lordi’s success with this choice?

Click here to see the lyrics and official video for Terasbetoni – Missa miehet ratsastaa

6 thoughts on “Teräsbetoni to represent Finland at Eurovision Song Contest 2008

  1. Lordi are better than Teräsbetoni, but they are still a very good band. should have done better than 22nd.

  2. Lordi are better, don`t fool around xD hahaha just kiddin´
    Even when i think that Lordi are certanly better, for me this one is also good, but…they need costumes, for sure xD nudity is not their best appeal lmao!

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