Divna Ljubojević – Gavrilu Vješćavšu

Гавриилу, вещавшу Тебе, Дево, радуйся,
со гласом воплощашеся всех Владыка,
в Тебе, Святем Кивоте,
якоже рече праведный Давид;
явилася еси ширшая небес,
поносивши Зиждителя Твоего.
Слава Всельшемуся в Тя,
слава Прошедшему из Тебе,
слава Свободившему нас рождеством Твоим.

English Translation

Gabriel Cried Out

Gabriel cried out to you, the virgin to rejoice
with the voice of the Lord incarnating
in you, the Holy Ark,
as was said by the righteous David,
you’ve appeared to be bigger than the Heavens,
carrying with you your Creator
Glory to the one that dwells inside you
Glory to the one that has come fort to you
Glory to the one that has freed us all by your birth.

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