Saša Kovačević – Gde smo moja ljubavi

Tuga ti i ja, a između je ponor
krila slomljena su da preletimo
najteže je znam slagati ponos
jednom žalićemo kad se sretnemo

Bledi svaki san što smo imali
sve smo dali večnosti pa izdali

Gde smo moja ljubavi i moja tugo nova
zar od jednog srca dva da skrojimo
gde smo iza svih naših snova propalih
sve smo pokidali bol da spojimo

Tuga ti i ja pogledi bez reči
kao stranci u tišini stojimo
dođe novi dan i vreme leči
sad smo ti i ja mi ne postojimo

Sasa Kovacevic - Gde smo moja ljubavi

English Translation

Where Are We, My Love

We are both sadness, and there is abyss in between us
our wings are broken, we can’t fly away
I know that it’s the hardest to mislead your pride
we’ll regret it one day when we meet again

Every dream that we had is fading away
and everything that we gave away to eternity but then betrayed

Where are we, my love, and my new pain
should we make another heart from this one that we share
where are we behind all of our fallen dreams
we tore everything down to share our pain

We are both sadness, our eyes are without words
we’re standing in silence like strangers
new days pass by and time heals
now here we are, there is no “us”

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