Severina – Ante

Misto radnje: disco klub
Svira narodnjake
Priđe meni neki lik
drago mi je, Ante

Plešete li? Ne bi, hvala
rađe bi se udala
Može odmah curo draga
Ante, šala, šala

Ante okani me se
svega ti
Puno si lip
al’ nisi moj tip

I dok sam u ritmu
techna izvijala bok
Ante mi se rastužija
reda stok na stok

Odvaži se priđe uhu kaže
slušaj molim te
Bićeš moja, samo moja
Draga, volim te!

Album_Severina - Ja samo pjevam

English Translation


The place of actions: Disco Club
Folk is playing
Some guy comes to me
“Nice to meet you, Ante”

“Do you dance? No thanks, I’ll pass
– I’d rather get married
– Why not, dear girl, right now,
-Ante, it’s a joke, a joke”

Ante, please,
leave me alone
You are really beautiful
but you are not my type

And while I was moving my hips
in the rhythm of techno
Ante got sad
and kept drinking Stock after Stock

He gathers his courage, comes to me and in my ear he says
“Please listen
You’ll be mine, only mine
My darling, I love you”

5 thoughts on “Severina – Ante

  1. It’s a tricky song.. don’t worry about it (I’m glad it’s finally passed the draft phase). I’ve made the changes but you will get Balasevic back 🙂

  2. But yes it was hard for me to translate this one, thats why it was in draft for a long time xD but thank you ^_^

  3. I suppose this was very difficult for you to translate and you did a good job but I have some corrections:
    – priđe meni – he came to her, didn’t pass by her
    – I’d would
    – može odmah is something like – it can be done immediately, not maybe immediately
    – in rhythm? I guess “in The rhythm”, no? But, in fact, she was moving her hips in the rhythm of techno and Ante got sad. So, he kept ordering and drinking, Stock after Stock…(maybe there is an expression in English for that kind of “ređati”.
    Odvažio se means he gathered up his courage.
    Samo moja – only (not just) mine. Right?
    Also, maybe “some bloke” instead of a guy?

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