Eurovision 2011 Slovenia: Maja Keuc – No One

And you came to me one night
Like a morning light
Just to hold me tight
Then you left and I was so alone
Saying I should’ve known
You’re no good for me

There’s no reason I should cry
No, no baby, I’ll survive
I don’t care, I don’t care

No one will ever hold you tight
No one will ever love you like
Just no one like I do
There is no one, no one

No one will ever treat you right
You’re the one who’s never satisfied
There is no one like I, like I am.

I can feel what you’re looking for
I’m not that girl no more
I’m not made of stone
I’m gonna stand on my own
Not gonna break me down
No one will stop me now

No, no, no, no… ’cause life is kind without you
And I know I can make it through without you

Life goes all around
Round and round and round
I feel love for sure
And it’s gonna get you

Life goes all around
Spinning all around
Now you want me, don’t you

No one will ever hold you tight (Hold you tight)
No one will ever love you like (Love you like)
Now you’re back, I can feel your love
Oh yeah, I’m never gonna let you
No one will ever treat you right (Treat you right)
You’re the one who’s never satisfied (Satisfied)
After all, you can fall,
And there’s no one you can reach to

No one will ever, ever love you
No one will ever, ever touch you
No one will ever, ever hold you
Turn around now, just turn around now
If you love me, yeah
No one like me, no one, no one

Slovenian Version

Maja Keuc – Vanilija

Povej, a se ti ne zdi da drugačen si
Kot da mar ti ni
Daj, povej, spodnesi mi zdaj tla
Da je ona ta, ki je tvoja

Ko na toplem ledu pleševa
Vsak po svoje sanjava
Le midva, le midva

Ni ona kot vanilija, tišina v tebi te izda
Še sem tvoja, še sem tu ob tebi
Ta igra ne pozna meja, predolgo sem vztrajala
Še sem tvoja, tvoja vsa

Si morda čas zdaj kradeva?
A nenadoma se začutiva
Ne, ne grem nazaj v ta lažnivi raj
Srce je polno saj, ne, dovolj mi je

In iz inata v sebi, se upiram znova tebi le
Dajem vse, dajem vse

(Nekaj, nekaj kot vanilija zdaj diši na tebi) Kot vanilija
(Nekaj, nekaj) to noč vleče me znova, znova k tebi

Če mi rečeš, da ne znaš naprej
Zamegljen je tvoj pogled na njej
Še sem tu, še bom tvoja vsa
In vem, da še bom tu ob tebi

Vedno znova sem na pol poti
In čeprav se vse narobe zdi
Reci mi, da naj ustavim svet
Ker rad bi bil le tu ob meni

Le nekaj, kar diši na tebi
Te vleče vedno znova k sebi
A še sem vedno tvoja veš
Še sem tvoja, tvoja, tvoja, tvoja, tvoja le

Še ti dajem, dajem ti vse

English Translation


Tell me, don’t you feel that you’re different
As if you don’t care
Come on, tell me and sweep me off my feet
That she’s the one who’s yours

While dancing on warm ice
We dream of different things
Just the two of us, just the two of us

She’s not like vanilla, silence within you gives you away
I’m still yours, still beside you
This game has no limits, I’ve hold on for too long
I’m still yours, all yours

Do we steal each other’s time?
But, suddenly we feel each other
No, I’m not going back to the false paradise
My heart is full, no, I’ve had enough

And in spite of myself, I resist only you again
I give everything, I give everything

(Now something, something on you smells like vanilla) Like vanilla
(Something, something) wants me to go to you this night again

If you tell me that you don’t know how to go on
Blurred is your vision of her
I’m still here, I’ll still be all yours
And I know, I’ll stay here next to you

I’m always halfway through
And although it all seems wrong
Tell me to stop the world
Since you want to stay here with me

Just something that smells of you
keeps pulling me towards you
But I’m always yours, you know
I’m still yours, yours, yours, yours, all yours

I’m still giving, still giving you everything

14 thoughts on “Eurovision 2011 Slovenia: Maja Keuc – No One

  1. When I first heard this song back in 2011, I fell in love with it and thought it would win. Since the contest in 2011 I’ve been listening to this song everytime I remember and I don’t usually listen Eurovision songs. Then I broke up with my boyfriend of 2 and a half years -don’t think that i’m just a drama queen that broke up with her bf recently- but it was 6 months ago. Now I’ve listened this song again and sudden realization! This song is everything that I want to tell him! So everytime i listen this song i get the chills. I’m somehow connected to this song.

  2. i dont forget ever that my ex girl friend gave this music to me ,she was from slovenia and i liked this music alot also slovenians peoples 🙂

  3. THE BEST! I though that she was goïng to win. Great in both english and Slovenian languages! 😉

  4. I love it! She should win. The best singer AND song who present Slovenia ’till now. Very good. 🙂 BRAVO MAJA 🙂

  5. Im bulgarian and live in London for 12 years,been singing all around Europe and England,I ve seen so many good singers,ive seen a lot,but the feeling this girl Maja brought in me is beyond any discription…im absolutely stunned,astonished in love with her voice and passion!Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!!The Best Ever!

  6. Maja you are the best! I hope that Slovenia will be in final this year! It must be! 🙂

  7. Please, listen to the unique and exceptional soul vocal of our Maja:

    Slovenians believe that Maja will be placed in the Top 10 of Eurovision 2011 !!!

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