Morena – Vodka


Malta 2008 Eurovision Song


(Na zdarovye!)
(Hey hey hey hey hey hey)
(Na zdarovye!)
(Hey hey hey hey hey)

The hunt is still on
Here in Gorky Park
I’m in a danger zone
Everywhere is pitch dark

I’m running away
To a blanket of snow
Spy One to Spy Four
I’ve deciphered the code, yeah…

Vodka – that’s the secret word
Vodka – and they want it so bad
Vodka – I’ve deciphered the code
Got a rush in the head
Vodka – a transparent word

(Na zdarovye!)
(Hey hey hey hey hey hey)
(Na zdarovye!)
(Hey hey hey hey hey)

Cold blood drums within
They breathe down my neck
Spy One to Spy Four
We just have to connect

Their footsteps are near
Closing in for the kill
My pulse has gone dead
With a heart-racing chill, yeah…

Vodka – that’s the secret word
Vodka – and they want it so bad, so bad, so bad
Vodka – I’ve deciphered the code
Got a rush in the head, yeah…
Vodka – a transparent word…

(Vodka – that’s the secret word)
(Na zdarovye!) Yeah…
(Vodka – and they want it so bad) So bad, yeah
(Hey hey hey hey hey hey)

Vodka, yeah… (That’s the secret word)
(Na zdarovye!)
Vodka – a transparent word
(Hey hey hey hey hey hey)

*Na zdarovye! = Russian for cheers

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70 thoughts on “Morena – Vodka

  1. Ah ok, that explains why I didn’t know about it lol. I have to admit I’m not very good with the groups outside the Indo-European languages yet.
    But yea, it looks very special and you can easily see that it’s not similar to any other language in Europe.
    If it’s hard for native English speakers to learn or not, I have no idea of though. But they are probably very different, English is a Germanic language and Maltese is as you said not even an Indo-European language. Don’t know how its grammatical structure is, but probably it is quite a lot different from English then.

  2. Actually, Maltese is an Afro-Asian Semitic language….the particularity of this language is that it is written in latin characters (considering that is a Arabic related language), and their latin-related words are token mostly from Sicilian language, but their lyrical structure is more similar to hebrew or arabic, or at least is that i read….but after all, stills sounds quite complex, i wonder if the Malta`s ppl who has english as main or mother language had difficult to learn maltese…

  3. It’s a very special language and I don’t really know what language it’s related to, if it is really related to any language at all.
    I’m not even sure if it’s Indo-European, I think it is but I’m not sure..I have to check that out. Some Indo-European doesn’t belong to any branch of it, like Germanic, Romance, Slavic, Baltic etc. examples of this are Albanian and Greek, they are both Indo-European but they have their own branches.
    Some languages on the European continent aren’t even Indo-European at all, for example Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Turkish and even more special-linguists aren’t even sure what it comes from-Basque.
    But I’m honestly not sure how it is with Maltese..I can’t really see that it should belong to any special branch of the indo-european languages unless it has its own branch or belongs in someway to one of the branches of the Indo-European languages of which many languages are spoken in West Asia (Indo-Aryan languages, Iranian languages etc.) but I’m not sure if it is either….I must really go and check that up.

  4. Hmm i can stop thinking that Maltese language is like you are randomly push your keyboard…Sorry xD looks so different that i thought, i was thinking that it was related more to the Italian or something…but looks like turkish

  5. emm id-diska sabiha u tal-genn !
    originali tassew u goodluck for your future !
    maltija jien u kburija !

  6. I think that the song was great, and anyone who did not like the song – what are you even doing here? I see no point in reading lyrics of the song you hate…

    — Go Malta, you have support from Bosnia!

  7. i once ate in a restaurant named Moreno…but i dont think they sold vodka…

    by the way it is no shame to hate your own coutry’s song…i’m from Denmark and i hated our song, I’m not ashamed to admit it.

  8. intom bis serjeta ghajdt kellna bzonn kantanta mil aqwa b vuci mil aqwa u diska imqajma haga WAHDA hemm ahna pajjiz zighr u hemmek kull ma jaghmlu jivutaw lin NEIGHBOURS ahna pajjiz zighr u bhal ma qallu gejna it tnieni darbtejn

    isimaw minni min qed imaqdar l ewwel jara tieghu stess imbadt jara ta hadt iehor ghax jekk min imaqdar hu daqsekk kapaci ma jitlaxx hu ????!!!!

  9. Alas! Things went considerably different for Morena from what I expected, and I am sorry for her and Malta. I still think that Morena’s performance was among the top three of the evening, and certainly the best in terms of going out to the public. I only had a chance to attend the show via Internet on my notebook, hence with a mediocre sound quality, but wasn’t it so that the audience exclamated “Malta” when the hostess asked them just before the last contestant was to be revealed? And to my ears, the audience did it twice, because she didn’t get it the first time. No ?

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