Deen Feat. Seven Up – Kad ljubav nije sudjena

Ne znaci mi, vjeruj, nista
to sto kazes da sam ti jos drag
jer puno vremena vec prodje
svak na svojoj strani svijeta
gradio je zivot i svoj prag
to valjda s godinama dodje

Svoj put si sama birala
a vidis sad da nemas gdje
kad ljubav nije sudjena
mozda je bolje da tako ostane

Sta ti znacim poslije svega
sta cu ti ja pored njega
zar mi nisi jednom srce slomila, slomila
daj ostani tamo gdje si
mojoj dusi mir donesi
zar me nisi dovoljno vec ranila, ranila

Zar te cudi sto ne mogu
da te vidim iako si tu
i nemam vremena ni malo
suvise bi tvoje oci
uspomena donijele na to
u ove grudi ne bi stalo

English  Translation

When Love Is Not Meant To Be

Believe me, it means nothing to me
you saying that you still like me
because a lot of time has passed
each on our own side of the world
built our lives and thresholds,
I guess that’s what happens with aging

You’ve chosen your own path
and now you see you have nowhere to go
when love is not meant to be
maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be

What am I to you after all that we’ve been through
why would you need me when you have him
didn’t you break, break my heart once
Come on, stay where you are
bring peace to my soul
haven’t you already hurt, hurt me enough

Are you surprised that I can’t
see you although you’re here
and I don’t have a second to spare
your eyes would bring
so many memories that
they wouldn’t fit into this chest

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