Eurovision 2009 – Greek, Turkish and Dutch Participants

Eurovision 2009 Hadise and Sakis RouvasSome countries have already chosen who will represent them at Eurovision 2009!

Greece has decided already in July to send Sakis Rouvas to Moscow. He already represented Greece at Eurovision in Istanbul, in 2004 with his song Shake it when he finished third and he hosted the event in Athens, in 2006, together with Maria Menounos.

Sakis Rouvas singing at Mad Video Music Awards 2008 – Song: Kai se thelo (I want you)

Hadise Açıkgöz will represent Turkey, although she once said she “would never take part at Eurovision”. She is well known in Belgium where she was born.
Hadise will prepare three songs among which a selection board of the TRT will choose the one that she will sing in Moscow. According to “Todays Zaman”, Hadise said she was considering preparing a song with lyrics in both Turkish and English, but added that the song could “include surprises as she loves to speak both French and English.”

Hadise – Deli Oğlan. Turkish version of the hitsingle ‘A Good Kiss’. Lyrics by Sezen Aksu.

The Toppers will represent the Netherlands and the song will be chosen at a national selection which is to take place on the 1st of February.
The Toppers are Gerard Joling (48), Gordon (40) and René Froger (47). Joling represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest with Shangri La in 1988. Gordon also had several attempts at national selections but never made it to the Eurovision till this year.
Despite sending in well known artists, the Netherlands have not done well over the past years. Pop Idol finalist Hind didn’t make it to the final in 2008 and, in fact, last Dutch entry to qualify for the final was Without You, in 2004.

For some reason this reminds me of the Irish 2008 turkey!

De Toppers – Wir Sind Die Holländer

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7 thoughts on “Eurovision 2009 – Greek, Turkish and Dutch Participants

  1. hello gays…hadise’s name means an important event in Turkish. in moscow she will be the most important event of all time. votes go toooooo hadise. goo hadise. we love uuu…i am sorry sakis because hadise shake in moscow and she will be winner…wait for türkiye’s song…

  2. Thank you bianka but the video in the post is just A video from Mad Video Music Awards 2008
    His Eurovision songs hadn’t been known at the time (in November) 🙂
    and it is still unknown which of the three songs he will sing at Eurovision
    I will add the videos and lyrics : )

  3. sorry people but greece will go to eurovision not whith this song….sakis will sing THIS IS OUR NIGHT…SO…PUT THE RIGHT SONG HERE TO VOTE PEOPLE…THANKS..

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