Eurovision Song Contest 2010 Rules

EBU Rules for The 55th Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway, in May 2010.

  1. Each country in the Eurovision Song Contest is entitled to enter just one song. The Contest final is limited to 25 songs: the Big Four countries, 2009 winner and 10 qualifiers from Semi-final 1 – held on the Tuesday before the contest and 10 qualifiers from Semi-final 2 – held on the Thursday before the contest.
  2. The song (lyrics and music) must not be a cover version and must sample another artists work. All songs must be completely original in terms of songwriting and instrumentation.  Entirely instrumental compositions are not allowed in the Eurovision contest.
  3. The song (lyrics and music) must not have been commercially released and/or publicly performed, in full or in part, before the 1st October 2009.
  4. Performers: countries are allowed to have up to six performers on stage who must be aged 16 or more, on the day of the semi-final in the year of the Contest.
  5. Language: Songs may be performed in any language
  6. Voting:  See Eurovision 2009 voting rules. Change in 2010: the system used in the 2009 final, with both jury and televoting selecting the winner, will be used also to select the semi-finalists

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