Dobrovoljno Pevačko Društvo – Ako prestanem da te volim

Neka bude što mora, neka odem bilo gde,
jer čini mi se sada gotovo je sve.
Bilo mi je lako da te ostavim,
mislio sam mogu sve da zaboravim.

Nek postanem glup kao noć kao mrak
ako prestanem da te volim
nek smanjim se sebi da ramena
ako prestanem da te volim

Ti više nisi san i ponekad setiš se
da moglo je da bude sve drugačije.
Nek bude što mora nek’ se desi bilo što
niko te neće voleti ko ja.

English Translation

If I Stop Loving You

What must be, must be,  I may go anywhere,
because it looks like everything is over now.
It was easy for me to leave you,
I thought I could forget everything.

Let me get dumb like night like dark
if I stop loving you
let me shorten to my shoulders height
if I stop loving you

You are no longer a dream and sometimes you remember
that everything could have been different.
Let it be, what must be, must be
nobody is going to love you like me.

2 thoughts on “Dobrovoljno Pevačko Društvo – Ako prestanem da te volim

  1. Okay thanks 🙂 sorry that you had to fix some mistakes I made on some songs, I was busy with school so I couldn’t fix them. Izvini xD

  2. I didn’t quite like the “Let the stuff occur” part (Neka bude što mora) so.. I’ve changed it (and maybe some other bits too) 🙂

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