Emina Jahović – Nesanica

Puca veče, dobro veče
kažeš dok gledaš na sat
gde to žuriš, kad me juriš
danima priča ti grad

Virus nas hvata oko vrata
puls nam se penje na sto
u ritmu bita, ljubav nas kida
veži se, polećemo

Pijane su noći k’o tvoje oči
od ljubavi gore, u sred zore
ljubi me i ćuti
sve već sluti na greh

Puca želja, atmosfera
nismo se nadali tom
iznenada ponos pada
samo da udari grom

Emina Jahovic - Nesanica

English Translation


The evening is on fire, good evening
is what you tell me while looking at your watch
where’s the rush since you’re chasing me
the town have been telling you for days

The virus has us by our necks
our pulse is climbing to a hundred
in beats of rhythm, love is breaking us
hang on, we’re taking off

The nights are drunk like your eyes
worse than love, in the middle of the morning
kiss me and keep quiet
everything already seems suspicious like a sin
my insomnia

The wish is on fire, the atmosphere
we weren’t hoping for that
suddenly, the pride is collapsing
just to hit the lightning

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