Nina Badrić – Jedino moje

Jutrom kad odeš ti
umreću od ljubavi
ali nek ti ne bude krivo
za mnom ne plači
najjače me zagrli
bar za sve što je bilo

I zadnji put ostanimo
noćas sami nas dvoje
sve da bude k’o nekad, jedino moje
zadnji put sami nas dvoje
a sutra što bude, jedino moje

Jutro se bliži znam
nek je proklet ovaj dan
ali tugu noćas preprođi
danas još ostani
sutra me zaboravi
i više nikad ne dođi

Sad kad je sve palo
samo na mene
više mi baš ništa
ne ide lako

Gdje ideš sad
baš u najgore vrijeme
k’o da postoji i vrijeme za to
da odeš, a ja znam
umreću od ljubavi

Album_Nina Badric - Tko si ti

English Translation

My One and Only

When you leave in the morning
I’ll die because of love
but don’t feel guilty
don’t cry for me
just hold me tight
for all that we’ve been through

And this is the last time
that it’s just the two of us at night
let everything be as it was once before, my one and only
this is the last time that we’re together alone
and what may happen tomorrow – let it happen, my one and only

The morning is nearing, I know
let this day be damned
but let the sadness pass by tonight
stay another day
forget me tomorrow
and never come again

Now, when everything has
fallen only on me
nothing is easy
for me anymore

Where are you going now
at the worst time
as if there is time for that too
you’re leaving, but I know
I’ll die because of love

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