Tereza Kesovija – Tvoje su ruke u mojoj kosi

Proljetno jutro, ptice u travi,
i tiha šuma na kraju grada,
negdje nad nama nebo se plavi,
nek’ bude uvijek kako je sad.

Pošla sam s tobom, sjene me prate,
a ti se smiješ, opet si dijete,
ne brojim dane, ne brojim sate,
stare me staze prošlosti sjete.

Tvoje su ruke u mojoj kosi,
tvoje su usne na čelu mom,
rano se sunce vidi u rosi,
sretna sam, sretna, u času tom.

Tvoje su ruke u mojoj kosi,
s poljupcem tvojim počinje dan,
zašto da pitam tko si i što si,
da li je java ili je san.

Proljetno jutro, čudna li mira,
kada me gledaš, kada te gledam,
kraj nekog cvijeta igra leptira,
a ja bih htjela da ti se predam.

Tvoje su ruke u mojoj kosi…

English Translation

Your Hands Are in My Hair

A spring morning, bird in the grass,
and a quiet forest at the end of the town,
somewhere above us the sky is turning blue,
may it be like that, how it is now forever.

I left with you, the shadows follow me,
but you’re laughing, you’re a child again
I don’t count the days, I don’t count the hours
my old paths remind me of the past.

Your hands are in my hair,
your lips are on my forehead,
you can see the sun early in the dew,
I’m happy, happy, in that time.

Your hands are in my hair,
the day starts with your kiss
why should I ask who are you and what are you,
is this reality or a dream.

A spring morning, odd or peaceful,
when you look at me, when I look at you,
at the edge of somebody’s flower a butterfly plays,
and I want to surrender myself to you.

Your hands are in my hair…

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