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eurovision-moscowThe EBU Reference Group of the Eurovision Song Contest decided that voting in the Eurovision 2009 Final will be a mix of televoting and jury votes. No change will be made in the voting during the Semi-Finals of the Eurovision Song Contest and televoters will again decide upon the nine songs that qualify in each of the two Semi-Finals, while the highest ranked entry of the back-up juries that didn’t qualify yet through televoting will also qualify.

Neighbor and diaspora voting as well as intention to place more emphasis on the artistic value of the song were the main reason to give the national juries a say in the outcome of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Each national jury will have a chairperson and consist of five music industry experts (composers, DJs and artist managers). The jury members should be of various age, gender, etc. and they will have to be citizens of the country they are representing, and none of the jury members must in any way be connected with any of the participating songs or artists at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

Their work and voting procedure will be supervised by a notary in each country in order to secure credibility of the jury vote.

The first countries to be called to declare their votes during Eurovision 2009 will be Spain, Belgium, Belarus, Malta, and Germany; whilst the closing votes will be called from Slovenia, Armenia, Hungary, and Azerbaijan.

The following countries will appear in the first Semi-Final (12th of May): Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sweden, Israel, Belgium, Andorra, Czech Republic, Montenegro, Iceland, Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Switzerland, FYR Macedonia, Finland, Belarus, Turkey, Romania, Malta and Armenia.
The citizens of each participating country, as well as of United Kingdom, Germany and Spain will vote by telephone and SMS.

The following countries will appear in the second Semi-Final (14th of May): Slovenia, Denmark, Azerbaijan, the Netherlands, Latvia, Hungary, Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Croatia, Estonia, Moldova, Cyprus, Ireland, Slovakia and Albania.
Public votes in the second semi-final will be cast from the participating countries as well as from France and Russia.

General Rules of Eurovision Voting
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56 thoughts on “Eurovision 2009 Voting

  1. Turkey had to have won!! This year’s voting was soooooo unfair, too but I also like Norway’s entry!

  2. Hikmet, azerbaijan ve turkey super idiler amma icland da pis deyildi. Ele deyilmi?
    Hikmet, azerbaijan and turkey was super but icland was not bad. Isnt true?

  3. I think Norway was very good…Azerbaijan won 3rd place and Turkey 4th…I did’t really like Iceland, just bcz its not my type of song, but they won anyways)))…good luck to all the countries next year…I’m proud of Azerbaijan and Turkey)))

  4. First of all, let me tell you I’m not european … so my opinion will be neutral.

    To be honest I feel Europe overlook the quality of composition and the vocal merit of the performer, to pay more atention to coreography.

    I see many politics involved in a contest, that is a SONG contest.

    Georgia should’t have abandoned, and countries like Poland, Montenegro and Andorra didn’t make finals just because they don’t have a big comunity living out of their countries.

    The muslim vote is evident, and many guys that live in France, Germany, Belgium vote Turkey, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Armenia just because they feel it like a close culture than them. I personally like Armenia, but it was very evident that it was not about music, but of identity.

    What happened with excelent performers? they were overlooked by the votes, just because ….. not reason …. oh yes, because they don’t put many dancing clear examples: France, Poland, Sweden, Malta, Estonia.

    Other artist luckuly drawn because of their lack of talent but a lot of sexual appealing: Turkey, Greece.

    Please don’t forget this is a song contest, not a country contest, and not always my neighborus or the countries that share my culture are the best.

    Personally I have seen the contest and I have never wished the victory of the same country because I can enjoy this like only a song contest.

    2006: I liked Greece and Beligum
    2007: I liked Switzerland and Cyprus
    2008: I liked Sweden, Hungary and Germany
    2009: I liked Estonia, France and Iceland

    So no necesary that the song of your favorite “country” is always the best.

    My opinion

  5. bad luck guys norway won but it was a good song i reckon but turkey, azerbaijan and albania were good good luck to all teams nxt year go turkey and azerbaijan + albania

  6. hello im ebru and im a turkish girl who was born in australia but my background is turkey.
    people at school make fun of my background country i dont like it they say gobble gobble how rude dont yous think yous are probably laughing now but wen they said all this it hurt me inside by the looks of they never have been bullied.
    my friend (not giving names) well she used to stand beside me and help me stand up for my self.
    i didnt like it because it wasnt a nice thing to say everyone is still going on about it but i dont care anymore but inside me god knows what ifeel like doing.
    there was this boy who is croation and we both watched soccer turkey and croatia played.
    obviously turkey won do yous know why becuse god made turkey win just to piss off that boy next day i went to school and that boy did not even speak to me about anything so i said to him what happened croatia lost he said yeah i know i go see turkey doesnt suck so he shut up and left me alone.
    see what happens people then i had a different girl friend she was going on about ohh albania is the best then i said i dont give a f*ck whos the best she cracked.
    and shut her trap.
    then came Eurovision this year she said eurovision is on at this time and date i said ok cool thanks for telling.
    i watched it then guess what turkey was infront of albania i said yea see whos best she didnt say anything.
    guys life is hard but you got to live with it people say if you are getting bullied or haressed when you are young in the future when you grow up get married have your children you will have a good life.
    for example people like me i wish i will have a good life in the future because i was bullied and harassed alot.
    sorry people not the right place to write this but i thought it would be great to let people no my life thankyou for reading this and hope yous have a good life =]

  7. hwo can i vote from poland to Azerbaijan? im watching from lap top, so i dont know the number that we are suppose to send country code 🙁 Azerbaijan will win

  8. cnem, azerbaijanca bene katilmish pis(kotu) sesleniyor…
    Amma sen de sag ol turkiye artik finalde bir azerbaijan kaldi o da 2 saatdan finale kececek bence

  9. ICELAND will win!!!!!!!!!
    Im so sure
    the bettest voice i ever heart and sweetest girl i ever saw!!

    so: vote for ICELAND

  10. yeeeesss. rafael bence de azerbaycan veya türkiye kazanacak…i love u azerbaijan. ulvii de bana katılmış. saolasın. biz tek milletizzz… aynıyızz… kardeşiz…makedonya ile belarusun elenmesine çok üzüldüm doğrusu. bence ikiside gerçekten iyi iş yapmışlardı. iyi hazırlanmışlardı.

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